What are your store hours?

For a full list of our store hours, you can check out our contact page here.

Do you have another store in Clinton Twp.?

The Clinton Twp. location, though affiliated with our location, runs under separate management. To inquire about their services, please call 586-792-6300 or visit their website here.

Where do I locate my model number for my equipment?

Depending on the type of equipment, your model number could be located in a couple different places.

For walk-behind lawnmowers, it is typically located between the two rear wheels of the unit (sometimes, you may have to lift up the debris guard to see it).

For tractors or zero-turns, it is usually located around the seat of the equipment.

For snow blowers, it is located at the bottom between the two rear wheels as well.

For handheld equipment, it is typically located on the housing itself.

For any engine related parts, the engine model number is on the engine itself, along with the type specification number and code. The engine “family” number is not actually the correct model number of the engine. Often we need the model, type and code to determine the correct engine that is used for your equipment.

When is the best time to bring my lawn mower in for service?

The best time to bring your lawnmower in for service before the busy Spring season starts is really in about late February or March.

When is the best time to bring my snow blower in for service?

The best time to bring in your snow blower for service would be at the tail end of the Fall season in about October or November.

Can I use the gas from my lawn mower in my snow blower and vice versa?

No. It is recommended that you go out and purchase brand new gas when you go to first use it. Due to ethanol in fuel nowadays, gas really only has a shelf life of about 30 days. Putting old gas in your equipment could cause build-up in the carburetor; and as a result, your equipment stands less of a chance of starting.

Do you own the storage lot next to your building?

We do not own the storage lot next to our building and they do not have an office- in order to contact them, you need to call the number listed on the billboard sign. However, though we do not own that storage lot, we do have storage located behind out building. Due to high demand, we are usually full and ask that you call our store for availability.